Welcome to the beginning of the #toka channel.

Welcome to Toka!

We are currently in "beta".

This room is where we, the developers, reside! We are not in a place to market yet, but feel free to leave a message, use it if you fancy, or stick around to chat if we are on ^^

Our goal for Toka is to create a chatroom-based community! We want to make it easier for everyone to collide with like-minded individuals in hopes that a majority of these "collisions" turn into irreplaceable friendships. Whether you are a lone ranger seeking companionship, or a guild leader seeking a place to keep up with your members--Toka is the place to be.

Recent Features

  • Command autocomplete
  • Non-youtube link preview

Upcoming Features

  • Username autocomplete
  • Multiple chatrooms in one tab
  • Private messaging
  • Site Re-Design
  • Profiles/Better ChatFeed
  • Friends!
  • User Emotes
  • More cool stuff


  • arc
  • bob620
  • leefter


Check our our FAQ. You can also email us or leave a message in this chatroom!